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Injoy Starter Kit

Injoy Starter Kit

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Kickstart your gut health journey with advanced microbiome testing and easy bathroom tracking

Collect three microbiome samples with each kit

Personalized diet and supplement guidance, informed by your unique microbiome and 20 key biomarkers

Enhance daily habit monitoring with the Beacon's automatic tracking and reminders, complemented by 3 months access to the Injoy app

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The Injoy Starter Kit Advantage

Kickstart your comprehensive journey to optimal health with the Injoy Starter Kit. Combine the detailed insights of our microbiome test kit, illustrating how your gut flora responds to daily choices, with the effortless real-time tracking of our Bathroom Beacon. Together, they provide a holistic picture and personalized guidance, ensuring you stay attuned to your body's signals and make informed adjustments for a happier, healthier gut.

What’s Included in Your Starter Kit

Bathroom Beacon


Keep tabs on your progress by tracking your bathroom frequency and receiving friendly in-app reminders.

3 Sample Microbiome Test Kit


Explore your gut health with our 3-sample microbiome test kit and compare it to 35,000 others facing similar issues


FREE for 3 months
  • Monitor your diet, habits, and symptoms

  • Pinpoint gut triggers

  • Get tailored diet and lifestyle tips

  • Ask GutChat Unlimited questions

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