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Advanced Data for Superior Care

Our AI-powered platform merges lifestyle, symptom, and microbiome data to identify triggers and offer scientifically-supported, health recommendations.

Comprehensive Longitudinal Tracking

See how the microbiome evolves over time with our unique-to-Injoy, 3-sample test, backed by a comprehensive database of verified GI cases.

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Trustworthy Answers to Every GI Questions

With GutChat, get AI-powered answers to your GI questions instantly by tapping into our exclusive database of 135,000+ peer-reviewed papers.

Personalized, Evidence-Based Recommendations

Record diet, symptom, and stool data using validated PROs and get dynamic, personalized care recommendations informed by the latest research.

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And it's Working!

I've looked at all of the microbiome tests on the market; and they all come up woefully short. This 3-sample test by Injoy is the first actually actionable test, and more importantly, the only one where the patient can be actively involved in managing their own health.

- Dr. Crawford, FL.
M.D., A.B.I.M., F.A.C.P.M., A.B.A.A.R.M.

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Introducing Injoy’s Microbiome Test into the athlete’s routines offered valuable insights into internal processes, helped identify effective strategies and brought significant benefits. And the ability to retest and monitor progress with the Injoy app ensured timely and effective adjustments.

- Dawn Weatherwax, OH.

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