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Injoy Starter Kit

$425.00 CAD

Our Bathroom Beacon and three-sample microbiome test offer a comprehensive and accurate start to understanding your digestive well-being.

3 Sample Microbiome Test Kit

$418.00 CAD

Dive deep into your digestive health. Our unique three-sample approach ensures unmatched accuracy.

Bathroom Beacon

$56.00 CAD

Turn every trip to the restroom into a step towards better gut health.


Elevate Your Journey to Optimal Gut Health

Gut Health App

  • Monitor your diet, habits, and symptoms

  • Pinpoint gut triggers

  • Get tailored diet and lifestyle tips

  • Ask GutChat Unlimited questions


$1.99 USD / month


$17.99 USD / year Equivalent to $1.49 USD/month

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