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When your gut instincts become data, good things happen

Uncover the patterns in your diet and health

Discover your triggers

Get personalized recommendations to improve your symptoms

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how we do it

3 steps to unlock a truly personalized health plan

Step 1

Order a microbiome test kit. A one time cost with no surprise fees.

Step 2

Collect samples. Yes, your poop.

Step 3

Receive a medically reviewed, comprehensive report tailored to you. Rewrite your gut health rules by adding the facts.

No more guessing

A few minutes per day to unlock a lifetime of health

Identify the real problem

Every symptom you log helps us better identify your underlying triggers. By combining artificial intelligence and the latest peer-reviewed science, you’ll be getting the most up to date guidance for positive change.

Get personalized recommendations

Your gut is unique, so why settle for generic advice? 

Our app provides a range of recommendations based on peer-reviewed research pulled from your logged symptoms and microbiome test results.

A better life starts at #2

Turn the time you spend in the bathroom into a powerful moment of wellness.

The microbiome test pulls a complete picture of your digestive health, identifying the richness, diversity and imbalances in your gut bacteria. The bathroom beacon helps you check in at the time of your bowel movement to help you get in the routine of symptom tracking.

We set out to create a new standard of health

And it’s working!

Injoy has been an incredibly valuable tool to help me manage my Crohn's disease. The microbiome test results have provided me with actionable steps to take control of my health through suggestions to lifestyle, sleep, diet, and more.

- Nathalie

Injoy's Microbiome test allowed me to keep my gut health in check with their detailed list of food suggestions. As someone recovering from antibiotic use, it was really helpful to see exactly which steps were necessary to regain the bacterial diversity I had lost.

- Jeff

Injoy let me know my gut health was clearly suffering and that my microbiome was similar to patients with IBD. Because I had this information, I was confident enough to ask my GI for a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease!

- Linnea

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