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Bathroom Beacon

Bathroom Beacon

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Automatically track bathroom frequency and duration, identifying shifts in symptoms over time.

Beacon nudges for quick check-ins, making daily tracking effortless.

Includes one month access to the Injoy app

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Let's Face It, We All Bring Our Phones To The Bathroom

Elevate your gut health tracking effortlessly. Our smart bathroom sensor pairs with your phone, sending you a gentle nudge to check in as you settle on the seat.

Seamlessly blending into your routine, the sensor aids Injoy in offering tailored advice for your gut health, all grounded in cutting-edge research.

Power Up

Just press and hold the power button to light up the Beacon. And with a battery that runs for years, forget about constant charging.

Set & Forget

Position the Beacon atop your toilet and breeze through the in-app setup steps.

Enable Permissions

A couple of permissions will pop up: this lets us ping you with notifications and sync via Bluetooth.

Get In The Routine

During each bathroom visit, the Beacon softly prompts you to check in with Injoy.

Subtle By Design

The Injoy Bathroom Sensor boasts a sleek, compact form that nestles discreetly atop your toilet. Merging function with minimalism, it's the ideal companion for those keen on elevating their digestive wellness.

Keep your gut in check

The Injoy Bathroom Sensor allows you to easily track and recognize trends in your bathroom habits. Ideal for those on specific diets or aiming to boost their microbiome health.

It's not just practical, but also a unique motivator to keep your gut health in focus!

The support you deserve

Just download the Injoy app, sync the Beacon with your phone, and start your bathroom habit tracking journey. Tailored advice drawn from your data equips you with actionable steps towards enhancing your gut health.

Embark on your path to wellness by ordering today.

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