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3 Sample Microbiome Test Kit

3 Sample Microbiome Test Kit

3 tests at $99.99 USD each

Benchmark your microbiome against 35,000 fellow gut health explorers

Personalized diet and supplement guidance, informed by your unique microbiome and 20 key biomarkers.

Collect three microbiome samples with each kit

Get three months of Injoy app access with a registered kit

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The Power of Microbiome Testing

With our test kit, watch how your microbiome shifts with your diet, habits, and symptoms. Track these changes to get a grip on your gut's rhythms, making it easier to spot trends and act early. And when you dive deeper with repeat testing, you'll see the direct effects of your lifestyle choices, helping you tweak and optimize your health.

Get Started

Activate your kit in the Injoy app and dive into logging your diet, symptoms, daily habits, and more.

Swab Away

Effortlessly use the provided swabs to collect three samples over a 10-day span.

Send Them In

Pop your samples into the prepaid envelope and send them our way.

Dive Into Your Gut's Story

Get a deep dive into your microbiome with tailored recommendations for your gut's happiness. Want to chat about the results? We're here for you!

Our Unique "Gut Health Score"

Embrace the advanced capabilities of AI in your journey to gut wellness. Our "Gut Health Score," compares your microbiome directly against 35,000 others facing gut health challenges like IBS and IBD. This score is a core component of our research and provides a clear, actionable understanding of your health and inflammation levels. ​

Check our our peer-reviewed publication on the topic.

Nourish Your Gut Right

Discover foods, supplements, and probiotics to support your symptoms and microbiome, guided by the latest peer-reviewed research.

Unveil 20 Vital Biomarkers

Dive deep with 20 essential indicators, painting a vivid landscape of your gut's health and potential.

It's pivotal to grasp what your microbiome can naturally produce and pinpoint areas that might be lacking.

Key Biomarkers Featured

• Production of short-chain fatty acids
• Potential for fiber breakdown
• Vitamin B synthesis
• Lactose breakdown capabilities
• Generation of GABA
• ...and more

Uncover Your Microbiome's Diverse Categories

Explore crucial bacteria groups in your microbiome, from probiotics to pathogens, anti-inflammatory bacteria, and psychobiotics, and their impact on conditions like IBD, mental health, and metabolic syndrome, and inflammation.

This section of the report offers a window into how specific bacteria influence your overall health and wellness.

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