Injoy in the News: Creating a New Standard for Gut Health

Injoy in the News: Creating a New Standard for Gut Health

Injoy in the News: Creating a New Standard for Gut Health


If you are interested in getting professional insight into your gut health, you’re not alone! On August 24th, 2023, Injoy caught the attention of Fox News - Rochester, NY and was featured in a morning broadcast. 

Registered Dietitian Kelly Springer, from Kelly's Choice, in Skaneateles, NY, spoke with Fox News hosts about Injoy and how our science-backed technology provides customers with insight into their gut health. Springer highlighted the simplicity of our product and its ease of use, as well as the extensive testing we conduct to gather information about the dynamic state of your gut microbiome. She went on to recognize our amazing team of scientific professionals who are behind our revolutionary health-tracking technology.

Needless to say, the hosts were blown away! The Fox News Rochester team were fascinated with the impact that your diet and gut health can have on your body, and were curious how they can act on the information Injoy provides to customers.

Springer talked about our gut-health specialized AI ChatBot- GutChat, our database of over 35,000 microbiome samples, our network of partners that include hospitals and researchers, and our range of methods we use to help you act on what you learn about your gut health. She also elaborated how our gut health is closely related to our overall physical and mental wellness.

We were thrilled to be featured in the broadcast, and want to thank Kelly Springer R.D. and the Fox News team! 

To see the complete video of the broadcast, click the link below!
If you are interested in learning more about how changes in your diet can affect your health visit our Frequently Asked Questions, or reach out to an Injoy team member at so we can get you started on your journey to a balanced gut.
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