Get a detailed analysis of your unique gut microbiome & a personalized health plan

Compare your gut to over 36,000 microbiome samples in the Injoy database

Identify any imbalances in your gut bacteria, patterns & triggers

Discover concrete changes you can make to improve your overall health


A new way to take control of your health

Analyze even more with the Injoy at-home microbiome gut test

Unlike other gut health test kits, Injoy’s microbiome testing kit includes 3 samples. By testing more than one sample we're able to see how your microbiome shifts over time with dynamic, deeper insights and highly customized health recommendations.

Effortlessly track better with our cutting-edge smart sensor

Injoy’s one-of-a-kind smart bathroom sensor, “The Beacon,” pairs with your phone to send a gentle reminder to track your diet, BM frequency, symptoms, etc in the Injoy app with each bathroom visit. (Because let’s be honest, we’re all scrolling while on the toilet anyways.)

Feel healthier by making the right changes for you

Your gut microbiome is unique, so why settle for generic advice? By combining the power of microbiome testing and tracking, you can create a truly personalized health blueprint with the specific dietary, supplementary and lifestyle changes your body craves.

From battling IBD to optimizing physical health, Injoy can help:

  • Support weight loss goals
  • Reduce fatigue & feel more energized
  • Help reduce gas, bloating & indigestion
  • Enhance mental health & improve mood
  • Get personalized advice for IBS, Crohn’s & ulcerative colitis
  • Find out if your microbiome can produce essential vitamins
  • Improve chronic constipation and/or frequent diarrhea
  • Uncover which foods trigger abdominal pain


Good things happen when you listen to your gut

Injoy's Microbiome test allowed me to keep my gut health in check with their detailed list of food suggestions. As someone recovering from antibiotic use, it was really helpful to see exactly which steps were necessary to regain the bacterial diversity I had lost.

- Jeff

Injoy let me know my gut health was clearly suffering and that my microbiome was similar to patients with IBD. Because I had this information, I was confident enough to ask my GI for a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease!

- Linnea

I have loved working with Injoy! As an elite athlete, Injoy testing was such a great way to understand how my body works in order to fine-tune my nutrition and ultimately aid in my overall performance. I am super grateful for Injoy and I am excited to work with them in the future.

- Mariah,
Team USA


Have health questions? Ask GutChat anything

Have a sensitive or TMI question? Or looking to dive deeper into the gut microbiome? Get instant, judgment-free answers powered by AI and our extensive database of peer-reviewed research.


Build new habits & unlock a lifetime of health

Spending just a little time tracking your diet and daily symptoms helps us build a complete picture of your unique digestive health. With each piece of new info logged, we can better identify triggers, uncover patterns & provide more personalized health recommendations, all based on the latest peer-reviewed science.

Uncover the patterns in your diet and health

Discover your triggers

Get personalized recommendations to improve your symptoms

Injoy feeling better.